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biostep GmbH has been offering various bio-imaging products since 1997. It develops and produces devices as well as software for users all around the world. Located in Saxony, production is carried out according to high German quality standards.
At the beginning, the focus was on radioanalytic measurement technology and different UV-transilluminators. Over the years, systematic R&D resulted in different gel documentation systems as well as chemiluminescence and fluorescence imagers.
In 2012, the worldwide known and established product line of thin-layer chromatography (TLC/HPTLC) of the company Desaga GmbH was taken over. The technical overlap between these two very different application fields results in numerous synergy effects that customers in both areas can benefit from.
Having more than 20 years of experience, biostep GmbH is now one of the leading developers and manufacturers of various transilluminators, dark hoods, documentation systems, imagers and densitometers mainly in the field of molecular biology as well as TLC/HPTLC.

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