Especially for our software packages for the acquisition and analysis of 1D and 2D gels, we gladly offer trainings for each single product.

With these trainings, we want to simplify the work for you with the respective software product, arrange a deeper insight into the structure and the processes of the software and also give you indications for the evaluation of your samples.

We offer trainings mainly to the following products and topics:

  • Calibration of desktop scanners and acquisition of visibly stained gels via argusX1, PowerScan
  • Aquisition of fluorescent gels via argusX1, Phoretix Grabber
  • Automated and GLP-conform acquisition of gels via argusX1
  • Gelix One - analysis of 1D gels
  • TotalLab 100 - analysis of 1D gels, arrays, dot/slot blots, colony counting and unspecific structures
  • TotalLab TL120 - professional, automated analysis of 1D gels (formerly known/product names: Phoretix 1D Quantifier, Phoretix 1D Advanced)
  • TotalLab TL120DM - database functions for archivation and comprehensive analysis of 1D gels (formerly known/product names: Phoretix 1D Database, Phoretix 1D Pro)
  • Phoretix 2D - analysis of 2D gels
  • Progenesis PG 200 - automated analysis of 2D gels

These trainings will be held at biostep GmbH or also at your premises on request.

Please fill out the following fields as exactly as possible so that we can inform you about the dates for the next training of the chosen acquisition/analysis software.

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