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Gel documentation system Felix 5050 DH-50 with sliding table and analysis software
Gel documentation system Felix 5050 DH-50 with sliding table and analysis software
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    Gel documentation system Felix 5050

    DH-50 with sliding table and analysis software


    Professional PC-controlled gel documentation system with sensitive CCD camera and biostep argusX1 (control and documentation software incl. database, user administration and GLP module) for fluorescent and colorimetrically stained samples

    Basic equipment:
    • ProgressiveScan camera (ImageSystem Felix 5000), resolution 1034 x 779 pixel
    • 1 emission filter, close-up lens
    • professional acquisition software biostep argusX1 for controlling the camera and the additional modules user administration and GLP
    • dark hood DH-50 with white top-light, sliding table and UV protection shield, preparative function as well as control panel with keypad and display
    • 3 USB ports
    • UV transilluminator UST-C20M-8R Super Contrast
    • conversion screen WY24 (white light transmission)
    • 1D analysis software

    Minimum requirements for PC:
    • Pentium/AMD 1.8 GHz, 1 GB
    • Windows XP or Windows 7 - 32 Bit-Version
    • 1 free FireWire (IEEE1394) port
    • 1 free USB 2.0 port

    Technical data of camera:
    • chip: 1/3" CCD chip Progressive Scan
    • resolution: 1034 x 779 pixel
    • greyscales: 12Bit (4096) intern
    • zoom objective: 6x zoom, F 1.0
    • max. exposure time: 65sec

    Technical data of transilluminator:
    • 8 x 8W tubes of 312nm
    • 20 x 20cm filter size
    • intensity setting 10 - 100%
    • Super Contrast transilluminator

    Technical data of dark hood:
    • footprint (W x D) 55 x 48cm
    • dimmable white top-light by LEDs
    • sliding table for transilluminator, UV protection shield
    • automatic UV cutoff when opening the UV protection shield
    • preparative function enables observation of gels under UV light
    • control panel with display to control epi light, transilluminator, preparative function
    • optionally available: control of zoom, aperture and focus by motor zoom objective
    • optionally available: storage of application methods repeatable
    • optionally upgradeable with filter wheel, white transmission light, UV and epi light in the visible range
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    BG62-A4550 Gel documentation system Felix 5050
    DH-50 with sliding table and analysis software
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