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More time for research!

Throw out your timers! Don’t babysit your samples again!

BlotBot mit Beschreibung
Automated blot processor for incubating and washing of Western blots and gels

• reagents and washes will be accurately pumped into and out of the trays
  at precise times

• can recover reagents, such as antibody solutions,
  separately from each gel or blot

• uses existing protocols

Special Prices up to 20/07/2017 - Save up to 1,000 € NOW!
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ROX Ladder Happy-go-lucky sequencing and genotyping for the future


Pfeil mit Text anglisch
  • ROX™ Ladder (ET)

  • MegaBACE™ 4000 long read matrix
... suitable for  MegaBACEDNA Analysis System

Rox Ladder

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Happy-go-lucky sequencing and genotyping for the future

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Incubating, washing AND detecting Western blots

A Dream Team for Your Western Blots

-> Incubating, washing & sensitive imaging

Detailed information

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Real-Time PCR in 48well format Requires less volume of reagent = more tests with your important DNA

Progressive, high-performance system



                           with separate
                           plate loading station

More information


  • 48well format (= 1/8 of a 384well plate)
  • Sample volume only 5µl to 20µl
  • Ramp rate average 5.5°C/sec.
  • 4 colour multiplexing
  • Twofold LED excitation, CCD camera
  • 4 emission filters
  • Strong fluorescence signal  
  • Software-compliant with MIQE rules
  • 400 probe based qPCR detections kits
  • Appropriate for kits of different manufacturers

Developed for

  • Public labs, labs in education
  • Research in universities
  • Human research, forensics and many more
  • Food and water tests
  • Veterinary medicine and agriculture
  • Research of life-threatening deseases

    Special Price until 31st July 2017

    1,999.00 Euro
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DNA Preparation Kit from Arcis Additional value for your lab!

Arcis Kit englisch

Existing units for sample preparation are mostly time-consuming and require pedestrian
heating and centrifugation steps. Only 2 steps in less than 3 minutes are needed with the
DNA-Preparation Kit by Arcis.

Compared to this, competing products require additional devices for processing and come
with a time effort between 20min and 4 hrs.

Kindly request a free sample!
(Attention – Only while stocks last/Shipment only within Germany)

Contact: Ms Ilona Marzian Tel. 03721/3905-16 or e-mail:

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