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ViewPix  900 A4 scanning system

    ViewPix 900

    A4 scanning system

    Professional documentation system for scanning acrylamide gels and other colorimetrically marked transparent samples as well as non-transparent samples

    Significant features:
    • suitable for moist gels
    • direct, method-based control of the scanner ViewPix
    • creation and storage of acquisition methods
    • optimisation of the colour channel: red, green, blue, white, freely adjustable
    • administration of several greyscale wedges
    • creation and administration of several greyscale calibrations
    • printout of detailed calibration reports
    • acquisition of the samples as coloured and greyscale image
    • archivation of all acquisition and calibration parameters to each sample image in the internal database

    Scope of supply:
    + scanner with transparency unit
    + power supply, USB cable
    + control software biostep argusX1® incl. database
    + biostep argusX1® module scanner control
    + greyscale wedge, calibrated with certificate

    Minimum requirements for PC:
    • Pentium/AMD 1.8GHz, 1GB, Win XP/7/8, 32/64 bit
    • 2 - 3 free USB ports

    Technical data of the scanner:
    • max. scan size: 220 x 297 mm
    • resolution in dpi: 4800
    • max. pixel size: 5 µm
    • spectral range 430 - 745 nm
    • dynamic range
    -> 255 greyscales (8 Bit), 65,536 greyscales (16 Bit)
    -> 16.78E6 colours (24 Bit), 281.5E12 colours (48 Bit)
    • max. optical density 4,0 OD
    • USB 2.0 port, FireWire port
    • dimensions (D x W x H): 503 x 308 x 153 mm
    • weight: 6.6 kg
    Item No. Description Price Quantity
    BS01-C1630 ViewPix 900
    A4 scanning system
    EUR2,895.00 (pcs) Add ViewPix  900 to shortlist
    Item No. Description Price Quantity
    CC01-A1040 Windows PC-system Standard
    with 22" TFT monitor
    EUR895.00 (pcs) Add Windows PC-system Standard to shortlist

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