Automated Blot Processor BlotBot120

    Automated Blot Processor BlotBot120

    • automated incubation and washing steps when handling blots and gels
    • low need of antibodies (3.5 ml per blot)
    • unattended dispensing and aspiration of liquids
    • capacity: 2 mini blots or 1 midi blot
    • rocks per minute: 5 - 40rpm, independent for each step
    • buffer volume:
    10 - 75ml in the mini tray
    10 - 150ml in the midi tray
    • protocol steps: 1 - 9
    • washes per step: 1 - 10
    • dimensions W x L x H: 37.5 x 42 x 46cm
    • precise time management and composition of chemicals due to microprocessor control
    • uses existing protocols
    • programming is easy and follows standard protocol steps
    • quiet
    • coloured graphic display
    • automatic supply and removal of buffer/reagents
    • dosage and recovery of different antibodys or reagents per tray
    • non-drip fastener

    * 2 tays for mini gels
    * 2 trays for midi gels
    * accessories set
    reagent reservoirs for antibodies
    2 l bottle for buffer
    pipe for buffer
    collecting tubes for antibodies
    collecting container for buffer
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    FRB120 Automated Blot Processor BlotBot120
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